When your toilet won’t flush properly, Call us and we’ll soon get it working again

What we do

If your toilet isn’t flushing properly or the water rises higher than it should before draining, we’ll find what the blockage is and fix it without any fuss.

Our Promise:
• 24 Hours, 365 days a year Emergency Service
• Fixed price, no hidden costs, no call out fees
• Over 15 years of experience – all work guaranteed
• Respectful of your time and your home
How we do it

We might be able to do the job with simple tools. For a more stubborn blockage, we might have to electro-mechanical machines. Rest assured, once we’ve found out what the problem is, our engineers will have the
right equipment on hand to take care of it.

Common toilet blockage issues Signs to look out for You won’t often get much of a warning of a toilet being blocked, unfortunately. Unless you know that you or someone in your household has accidentally dropped something they shouldn’t have down there. Once your toilet isn’t flushing properly or water is rising higher than normal before draining, you might try unblocking it yourself before calling us out.

The causes

Blockages will usually be caused by something you’ve dropped down the toilet. This can range from nappies, tissues and cotton wool to more unusual objects such as toys, combs and mobile phones.